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The winning equation

The TKFay approach to developing individual professional skills centers on a practical equation:

Education + Experience = Maximum Performance

Our Management Development sessions expose participants to new tools, techniques and ideas they can put to immediate use—but always as a complement to the valuable knowledge and experience they already possess.

By merging our educational sessions with your staff’s experience, you can get maximum performance from your team.

  • Management Development workshop participants receive a workbook used throughout the program.
  • Principles and skills are presented in an interactive lecture format.
  • Small group exercises help reinforce and demonstrate the material.
  • Participants practice new skills using real workplace situations.

The Management Development program and its elements can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any organization. The process starts with a needs analysis. TKFay then tailors the program so participants develop an understanding of the company’s mission statement and management policies. We also recommend a pilot program with senior management, to ensure that all the necessary components are in place before introducing concepts and standards to trainees.

Pricing depends on the amount of customization. Travel expenses, the needs analysis, and the pilot program are not included in this pricing.

Assessment Tools

All TKFay Management Development programs use the DiSC® behavior assessment tools by Inscape Publishing. Participants are responsible for taking a short, online self-assessment before the workshop. At the workshop, each participant receives a detailed report of results.

This personalized feedback helps participants understand the strengths and challenges of their behavioral style, as well as how and why other people may have different but equally valid preferences. Discussions of results are tailored to fit the subject matter of the specific workshop.