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Conducting Effective Meetings

In the Planning & Conducting Effective Meetings workshop, TKFay gives participants a thorough understanding of the process behind running an effective meeting.

Participants will acquire skills and techniques that will allow them to select the appropriate meeting format, set an agenda, establish ground rules, and properly manage difficult situations and disruptive behaviors.

This six-hour program is divided into two three-hour modules, with emphasis developing the interpersonal communication skills required to effectively execute a meeting.

The workshop is interactive, with individual and group exercises that allow participants to practice new skills using real-life situations.

  • Review characteristics of effective meetings
  • Study “Effective Meeting Checklist” for meeting planning
  • Use the checklist to create a meeting plan for role-play
  • Practice leading a small group meeting
  • Discuss ways to follow up in order to ensure completion of action steps outlined in a meeting
  • Using “Effective Meeting Checklist,” begin developing a plan for the next real workplace meeting