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Let’s hold it together this year

Aligning core values vs. making resolutions Having just started another year, some of you may still be making New Year’s resolutions. Think forward a few months. Come June or July you might get frustrated, feel disappointed, and give up because you haven’t reached those resolutions. Been there! Done that! “Holding it together” is where New Year’s resolutions often miss the mark. I […]

Learn about achieving TRUE™ results: new webcast

Achieving TRUE™ Results is the key to building and maintaining strong relationships in any kind of work environment. You can incorporate TRUE™ Results in your organization by learning the skills for demonstrating Trust, Respect, Understanding and Empathy when interacting with people, or by setting TRUE™ standards for service/team. Here’s a great way to begin. Please watch my brand new webcast about TRUE™ Results […]

Communicate with Confidence

When describing your current job, what impression do you leave? Is it Confident? Strong? Capable? Or are you leaving an impression that makes the prospective employer question your abilities, skills, and most of all, your value? The critical element to getting a job today is CONFIDENCE.  Confidence is conveyed the moment you walk into the […]

No skills? No accomplishments? Come on!

Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you? “I lack the skills to get a job.” “I have no accomplishments.” “What am I going to do next?” “Who would hire me? I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years.” If you’re struggling with thoughts like these, you’re in the company of some great women. […]

Connecting values to vision

We’re only human. And one of our greatest human desires—in work, in life, in anything—is to be “connected.” Especially in a world where transition, change, and redirection are so much a way of life, connecting values to vision helps us align with and connect to what’s important. Maybe you think about your values and vision. […]