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Career changes by choice

TKFay’s Women in Career Transitions series is designed to equip women who are changing careers and/or re-entering the workforce with the tools, skills, and confidence to manage their job search. Participants learn to evaluate their current situation and determine how to create a career path by choice rather than by chance.

This program is extremely interactive. We use lessons, exercises, self-assessments, skill assessments, and role plays that allow the learner to practice new skills using real-life situations

Based on individual priorities and interests, TKFay customizes each Career Transition program to the client. The basic building blocks are six core segments, each of which addresses a specific, career-related topic.

Core Segments

  • 1. Take Responsibility for Getting Started

    Outline previous professional and non-professional experience
    Discuss pros and cons of these past experiences
    Complete a customized assessment on personality traits and values
    Consider how personality traits and values might affect your job search

  • 2. Reassess Skills & Interests

    Examine personal strengths through self-reflection and group discussion
    Explore universal job skills
    Identify transferable skills and interests
    Match skills and interests to jobs

  • 3. Manage Your Job Search

    Study goal setting strategies
    Develop an individual action plan
    Learn effective marketing tools and strategies to market your skills
    Organize your job search using these tools and strategies

  • 4. Learn How to Network

    Understand the concept of networking
    Learn why networking is critical in a job search
    Discover how to use networking to generate job leads
    Study the communication skills necessary for effective networking

  • 5. Write an Effective Resume

    Discuss guidelines for writing a value-based resume
    Highlight work and/or volunteer experiences, accomplishments and results
    Create an impactful resume

  • 6. Prepare for Your Interview

    Identify job requirements and skills needed
    Understand structured interview process
    Learn how to effectively present abilities during an interview
    Practice interviewing techniques through a mock interview

Of course, men experience transitions as well, and TKFay can adapt this program to counsel men through career changes.

  • Career Transition clients receive a workbook used throughout the program.
  • Principles and skills are presented in an interactive lecture format.
  • Exercises help reinforce and demonstrate the material.
  • Participants practice new skills using real life situations.

The Career Transition program and its elements can be adapted to meet the specific needs of groups or individuals in job transition. If the workshops are offered as part of a corporate outplacement program, the process starts with a needs analysis. TKFay then tailors the program based on the organization’s and individuals’ needs. We also recommend a pilot program to management or other leaders involved in the job transition process, to ensure that all the necessary components are in place before introducing concepts and standards to trainees.

Pricing depends on the amount of customization. Travel expenses, the needs analysis, and the pilot program are not included in this pricing.

Assessment Tools

TTKFay  uses the MAPP (Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential) assessment tool as an option to help guide, motivate, and empower people in career transition to achieve their educational and career potential. TKFay uses MAPP’s output to help clients identify career options, prepare value-based resumes, and highlight transferable job skills that can be marketed to a variety of industries.