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Selection Interviewing Skills

TKFay’s Selection Interviewing Skills workshops are designed for participants who are new to the hiring manager role and/or to their management position with a new company.

Participants acquire skills and techniques that increase their effectiveness in making the right hires and help them avoid making common and costly interviewing mistakes.

This six-hour program is divided into two three-hour modules, with emphasis on developing the interpersonal communication skills required to execute an interview.

The workshop concentrates on behavior-based interview techniques. Understanding these principles and guidelines provides  hiring managers with tools for increasing the objectivity and standardization of interviews.

The sessions are interactive, with individual and group exercises that allow participants to practice new skills using real-life situations.

  • Review EEOC guidelines
  • Discuss six aspects of the structured interview process:
    • Preparing
    • Establishing rapport
    • Obtaining job information
    • Allowing time for questions
    • Closing the interview
    • Evaluating the applicant
  • Learn guidelines for conducting an effective phone interview
  • Practice using the structured interview process through role-play