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TKFay offers professional assessments for teams and individuals

Some TKFay workshops include personalized feedback via the DISC behavior assessment tools by Inscape Wiley. The DISC report helps learners understand the strengths and challenges of their behavioral style as well as how and why other people have different but equally valid preferences. Understanding the style each person brings to the organization plays an important role in developing, motivating and communicating with employees. The information from the DISC report allows managers to move away from a “one size fit all” approach to managing people. TKFay uses DISC individual profile reports to support the techniques and guidelines of workshops.

MAPP-logoTKFay also uses the MAPP (Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential) assessment tool, which helps guide, motivate, and empower people in career transition to achieve their educational and career potential. Whether you have many years of work experience or are unsure of your career directions, the MAPP assessment can help you gain a better understanding of your natural talents, abilities, and motivators. TKFay uses this information to help clients identify career options, prepare value-based resumes, and highlight transferable job skills that can be marketed to a variety of industries.