Achieving professionalism & TRUE results

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Employees at all levels benefit from TKFay’s practical, actionable instruction. All our programs are based on achieving TRUE results through Trust, Respect, Understanding and Empathy.

TRUE is not just an acronym; it’s a principled way of building and improving business relationships. Effective leaders, managers and employees incorporate TRUE principles to build and maintain productive relationships with colleagues and customers. Here’s a peek at what we mean …

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It’s required to foster strong business relationships, internally and externally. We evaluate trust based not on words, but on displays of honesty, ethics and follow-through. If you say the report will be done by 3:00 pm, then you must complete and deliver the work on time. That’s how you earn trust. Without trust, how can you build—let alone maintain or grow—a relationship that strengthens your business?

Respect means valuing the strengths each person brings to a business situation. We are working in the most diverse work environment in this nation’s history. Age, gender, ethnicity, culture. Although you may not always agree with or even like what others say or do, you must regard them with respect. In the workplace, we demonstrate respect by our work choices as well as our actions.

Understanding others means accepting their unique qualities, rather than imposing our own preferences and styles on them. The opposite—misunderstanding—causes interpersonal conflicts that get in the way of progress. TKFay uses tools such as the DiSC™ assessment to build awareness of behavioral styles. By understanding our own ways of working and appreciating how others work differently, we can learn to flex and adapt to one another in order to achieve strong results together.

Empathy is essential to build quality relationships. Through empathy, you put yourself in another person’s place, viewing a situation from his or her perspective. This calls for skills such as active listening, observation of body language and ability to ask clarifying questions. With a strong grasp on communication skills like these, you are better equipped to solve problems and handle conflict, as well as influence, persuade and negotiate.

TRUE results improve efficiency and reduce expenses while people establish and sustain strong relationships internally and externally. And all this comes with no increase in operating costs, no cash outlay for additional equipment, and no investment in additional resources. That’s good business.