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Expected or unexpected things happen every day. When an unexpected change and uncertainty occur are you asking yourself:

 “What just happened?”

 “Is this really happening now?”

 “What is my next step?”

You’re not alone, don’t hit the panic button.  Pause and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my new now? write down words that describe every aspect of your world as you see it now, feelings, concerns, thoughts, hopes, etc.
  • How will this change affect me?  my family?   my world? be real and transparent, do not hold back as you write down your thoughts
  • What are my new options? choices, decisions, controllable and uncontrollable

This is your story! Take into the consideration the following before you start writing:

Assess how your life has changed

Who/where are you now? Explore areas/concerns that might be holding you back from moving forward. Embrace what doesn’t feel comfortable and keep moving, life is not stopping!

Be the main character when writing your story

Stay away from being a character in someone else’s story. Don’t let someone tell you what you should or should not write or do.

Express yourself honestly 

Be creative, suspend judgment, excuses, negative messages to yourself; be your authentic self.

Sit down and begin writing. Re-imagine Yourself!

  • List what is important now
  • Identify where you see yourself going forward
  • Describe the traits, interests of yourself (the main character)
  • Envision how you want your story to end

Re-imagine Yourself!

Write your story, don’t let someone else write it for you.